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Navas Has Some Slip in State

3-1 reversed Naples, Real Madrid's hope to enter the Champions League quarter-finals increasing, but they once again exposed their weaknesses, so that Naples made a goal.

This season, Real Madrid each Champions League game lost a goal. Their defense and goalkeeper can not shirk responsibility. Navas last season only lost 3 goals, but after a summer surgery, the peak of Navas seems to be gone. A good goalkeeper is worth half of the team. And now Navas can hold up half of Real Madrid requires a question mark.

La Liga this season, Navas's saves number was 38 times, ranked 13th in La Liga. Of course, taking into account the overall strength of Real Madrid, Navas's number of saves was also excusable. Last season, the wonderful performance of Navas made him won the opportunity to continue to play for Real Madrid. And the state of the season slipped, so Real Madrid frequently has the goalkeeper transfer rumors.

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