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NS Version of FIFA18 Demo

    EA's well-known sports series for the latest "FIFA18" has announced that it will launch on the new host Nintendo NS. In the current Cologne game show, some reporters played the demo of this work in the Nintendo booth. Take a look at what different experience the NS "FIFA" will give us!

    The biggest feature of NS version of "FIFA18" should be that it can, through the NS portability, use two handles (Joy-Con) to play the game with friends, and can play a game anytime anywhere. But the operating experience is not very good on the small handle. If gamers are in pursuit of hand feel, it is recommended to buy Nintendo official standard handle.

    In terms of the screen, if the picture is output to the TV, and compared with PS4 version, the difference of quality of the picture can still be felt. It may be due to NS function restrictions, degree of finish of modeling is slightly rough. However, on the screen built in the NS, the picture will look a lot better.

    In addition to the slightly weaker screen, NS version of the "FIFA18" did not shrink in other aspects, and it has all needed systems, in particular, a variety of operating experience and vibration feedback are in place, and therefore, the technical party do not have to worry that the operation will be castrated.

    2017 Cologne Game Show, "FIFA 18" oversight producer told the foreign media the resolution details of the "FIFA 18" Switch version. The producers said that they spent a lot of time in really understanding this host.

    "FIFA18" is expected to land NS, PS4, XBOX ONE, PC and other platforms on September 29. Interested players may wish to follow the follow-up reports.

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