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Mourinho said Chelsea are far from winning

Chelsea in the premier league outshine others, the team is likely to get the premiership title this season, as the team's head coach, jose mourinho played. Jose mourinho says he likes Chelsea, and hope to be able to stay in the blues in 10 years. Although Chelsea in the league match with Manchester city was once, but with excellent play in recent games, Chelsea has expanded to seven points with Manchester city.

Since jose mourinho to club Chelsea after the team's tactical methods have obvious change, especially this season with the method of small, diego - costa, such as the arrival of the players, the team's game highly ornamental, have also been more fans love, all thanks to mourinho. Jose mourinho talked about his future: "I like Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea fans, I also like the premier league.

At some point, I can't understand some things, but I love of the premier league has never changed. If someone told me that will spend 10 years at Chelsea, I would be very very happy. I'm very happy to become a member of the Stamford bridge, and hope to stay here for many years."

Chelsea ahead of Manchester city 7 points, but in mourinho's opinion, the championship is far from over: "there are 14 games to play, and 14 games has 42 points to compete for, this is not a small. Though I know the team is higher than the second 7 points, 10 points higher than the third and 14 points higher than 4. But at this moment, we need to win every game, every time we get a point will be as close to the champion, but now we champion is too far away."

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