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Mourinho Apologized To Manchester United Fans

The League Cup Round 4 Manchester United sits at Old Trafford 1-0 victory over Manchester City, into the League Cup quarterfinals. After the game, Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho to the home fans made a 4-0 gesture, hands clapping slightly bowed, to express their apology.

Manchester United and Manchester City Carling Cup before the start of the game, Mourinho in the club official manual issued a statement to the Red Devils fans apologize, Mourinho wrote: "as the team coach, I would like to first All of the Manchester United fans around the world say sorry, 4-0 loss to Chelsea on Sunday is not the result of Manchester United should have some of our fans at Stamford Bridge is incredible, I do not think the other team's fans can lose in their own club They also showed their support and confidence in their club, and I am very sorry for them because the results did not match the performance of the fans. "

After the end of the game Mourinho to the home fans, while walking to make a 4-0 gesture, and then slightly bow, his hands folded on his chest, his face did not smile after the victory, it seems the mood is still very heavy.

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