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More New Features in FIFA 18

Dear FIFA players, you all have learnt that FIFA 18 will come two months later. So it will have many new features? Do you want to know? Welcome to imfifa.co which is a professional FIFA 18 Coins selling site for further information.

FIFA 18 brings authentic sports technology to you. It will give the most increasing popularity to the game. The new animation will show a fully upgraded player response and player features. Now the feelings and actions of the top players led by Cristiano Ronaldo are having no difference with reality.

Ronaldo's iconic sprint action, Stirling's unique smart turn, and Gryzmann's small technology are all present with a high degree of recognition in FIFA 18. This is the first time in the history to show the players' actions in full accordance with  the real-world action, size and characteristics, giving you a feeling that the world best player seems to be around you.

The new dribbling system injects more inspiration to those best players when in the 1v1 game. More detailed physical contact and more extreme turn action make players more vibrant in the attack.