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Mikel Pay for Football Association Officials

According to www.imfifa.co, Nigeria football team got another embarassing experience. Unable to pay the cost of staying in the hotel in Brazil, the team's Chelsea general Mikel had to pay $4 thousand out personally only to make the Nigeria football team leave the hotel.

Earlier, the Nigeria football team had 25 people to participate in the game, 18 players and 7 officials. But then 5 officials were added and their cost in the hotel was $4000. The Nigeria Football Association did not pay it, which caused the hotel to keep people, not lettin them go. Mikel had to pay for the 5 Football Association officials.

You have to know that Mikel did not just pay 4000 dollars. Since the Nigeria football team left Nigeria, they did not get 1 cent from the football association. Mikel had donated $30 thousand before the Olympic Games as the team's preparation funding.

This time, in order to allow the Nigeria football team to leave the hotel, Mikel paid $4000 more, while originally, the cost of the additional 5 officials should be paid by the Football Association. At last, buy FIFA Coins here.