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Messi tied raul champions league record

In the list of all-time scorers for the champions league is the historical and present mitsuo supremacy, raul although in 71 ranked the first, but he has been away from the champions league for many years, can only wait for C Ronaldo and Lionel messi (70) (69) tied even take their fourth ruud van nistelrooy is only 56 ball. In the champions league group stage 4 rounds, messi scored twice, with a record of 71 goals tied raul. Barcelona's 2-0 win over ajax on the road, in group F two rounds to 16 tickets in advance.

Due to the number of users continued to decline, the famous MSN instant messaging software is on October 31, close to Chinese customers. Barcelona this season of Lionel messi, suarez and his super MSN forward combination, seemed a bit unlucky. Suarez least returns after Barcelona in la liga, led by MSN combination two defeats, loss at super giants real Madrid is understandable, home to celta unacceptable.

As Barcelona lead the eldest brother, messi was the first to come out, try to get rid of a weak state. Lionel messi has to his most trusted Argentina therapist Dan baudrillard, already please him into the house, for 15 days of physical therapy and specially trained. Messi hope that through this 15 days training, can improve the body state, and rediscover the best feeling.

In the list of all-time scorers for the champions league race history, Lionel messi in 71 more than real Madrid star cristiano ronaldo, tied long ranked first former real Madrid captain raul. Lionel messi in the champions league race 90 appearances, C Ronaldo and raul played 107 times and 107 times respectively, "mei soccer legend" scoring rate is much higher than two real Madrid superstar.

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