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Messi is a little bit better than C Ronaldo

According to the latest report from imfifa.co, the most professional site seling cheap and fast FIFA coins, former Brazil player Ronaldo is certain to say that Messi and C Ronaldo are better than rest of the players. Messi and C Ronaldo are both excellent, but he thinks Meesi is a little bit better than C Ronaldo.

Actually, I am in favor of this opinion. Messi now is better than C Ronaldo. Messi is now at the peak of his career and there will be an explosion of more and more power. Compared to Messi, C Ronaldo seems to pay attention to things besides football. His performace is not up to our expectations. Look at Messi's dribbling way, moving fast, easy to change. To stick the ball into foot like him is not so easy.

Of course they both have the most glorious moment of their own. It's really to judge who is better to some extent. Only time will tell us. And if you want to know more information, please subscribe to our Youtube Channel iMfifa FifaCoins.