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Messi and Suarez Chemical Reaction

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In the La Liga 26th game, Barca won 6-1 at home to rivals Rayo Vallecano, which leaped to the top of the standings. Barcelona coach Enrique expressed satisfaction with the team's performance at the post-match interview, pointing out that Barcelona step forwards victory powerfully.

After the team won the match, Enrique said excitedly, "We took a step after another step on solid pace towards victory. For example, we eliminated one by one powerful opponent all the way through before the King's Cup final. But this King's Cup final, the league, and the Champions League results are the same cruel that only one winner at last. "

When it comes to the hat-trick game of Messi, Enrique said:" From the first day I saw Messi, his serious attitude never changed, and his attitude can infect other teammates." Contact between Messi and Suarez, he commented, "Suarez and Messi have mutual understanding, but also Suarez make a contribution to the team more and more. Since the first day I saw them during training, I felt the chemistry between them. When they feel good, the team attack will be able to bring a variety of possibilities. "

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