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Messi Showed New Boots on Facebook

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Messi will wear new boots at the national derby. He felt that he was ready against Real Madrid, and wrote on his personal Facebook home:" Fully prepared for the national derby." Messi said he is preparing the final details against Real Madrid.

There is no doubt that showdown between Messi and C Ronaldo is the eternal focus of the country derby. At the weekend, the fate of the duel between the two in turn staged again. But now the two situations are quite different, Messi played well in 2015, but C Ronaldo was not happy at Real Madrid recently.

In 2015, Messi has scored 20 goals and 12 assists under each tournament, while C Ronaldo has just launched into 9 balls plus three assists. It is worth mentioning that Messi participated in the team goal of 54% , while the Portuguese only participated in the team goal of 38%.

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