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Messi Says Not Matter Not Score

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Messi was again awarded the best during the whole game, although he did not score personally. Messi said the most important thing was that the team won, and he wanted to win in the America's Cup final.

In the Americas Cup semi-final last morning, the Argentina 6-1 Paraguay, successfully steped into the America's Cup finals, and they will compete for the Copa America hosted by Chile. Argentina captain Lionel Messi said after the game, "our team have played a great game and created a lot of opportunities. Before the game we did a good offensive tactics, but has scored few , but today the goal is arrived, we are all quiet happy. after we took an early lead, the game entered the Argentine fingertips. "

Messistill did not score in the game , but he sent out three assists for his teammates. After the game he was also elected as the best player of the game by America's Cup Official . Messi magnanimously said, "Why did not I score today, whether I scored or my teammates score is not important, the most important thing is that Argentina wins, we successfully enter the America's Cup final." Massey said: "We are very quickly scored, the other would like to tie the game, but we have entered the second goal, we also kept the state later. If we can maintain this style of play today, I believe we will have many opportunities in the final. "

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