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Messi Is An Alien from iMfifa

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"Messi is from another planet. He is a unique player. The next eight bouts game will not be the fight between me and Messi, because it is not unfair to say that." Before the game, J Ronaldo thought that Messi is unparalleled.

"I hope that Friday will be a good game. Argentina plays very well, but Colombia is not bad. It would be a 50-50 contest, we will try to do our best kick out of style." J Ronaldo said of the next quarter-finals.

After the Colombia game yesterday, J Ronaldo carried out his own self-blame, which he explained: "I am a little dizzy in the game yesterday, and after calm down I just think we should try to look for opportunities to win. I said so because I think we did not do enough. "

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