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Messi Heart Warming Scene with Ronaldinho

We prepare big promotions 5% Coupon Code & 300k FIFA 16 Coins Giveaway for Christmas, to celebrate this festival and thanks for your long-term support. In Champions League finale, Barcelona dominated the discharge line to the bench, and ultimately 1-1 drew away to Bayer Leverkusen.

It was still difficult to say that Messi has returned the best state of the game. Compared to the state of the game, Messi one move was even more impressive in the field. At the 26 minute of race, in fact, Messi missed this opportunity, not entirely a matter of feet skill. However, Messi was not as furiously affected as much, but turned smiling with and clapping to encourage the little brother.

This scene reminiscent recalled of the past when he with Ronaldinho. As a representative of Barcelona two times, Messi more than once thanks Ronaldinho for his help. He not only called Ronaldinho as "teacher", also known him as his own "most admired people".

It is worth mentioning that Barcelona is great, perhaps precisely because of this tie-up between the players and help each other. Many years later, we will definitely remember for this Champions League smile and encouraging look on www.imfifa.co.