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Messi Has to be Sedated For the Final

The latest report from imfifa.co that Barcelona 3-0 won the World Club Cup champion, Messi's final performance is impeccable, because of his physical condition is not good enough to support the completion of such a match. Therefore, in order to participate in the finals, Messi chose the injection of analgesics to ease the pain.

According to media reports, Messi hasn't get rid of nephralgia problems. In order to be able to participate in the finals, he had to choose drugs to help him restore the state of the body. Messi had only taken a few simple treatment measures, and with the doctor's advice to solve the problems causing his nephralgic problems. But before the match, he isn't in full recovery, so he chose to use drugs to help him recover.

There is no doubt that the victory is based on his indomitable will and strong desire to play. We fans admire him much and sincerely hope he can have a full recovery as soon as possible. And in the end, 5% code and 300k free FIFA coins are still waiting for you. Welcome to buy cheap FIFA coins.