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Messi Got a Bad Data

Messi recent state was in general, in the games against the Paris Saint-Germain and the Laco he did not play well. In the game he also lost the ball 25 times, this is the second bad data this season.

On March 4 in the game against the Serta he had outstanding performance, Messi in the last two games failed to achieve expectation. In the two games against PSG, Messi was stealed 38 times, the game against Laco, Messi again failed to show the best version, the team also miss his decisive role.

The game against Laco, Messi was stealed 25 times, far more than the season 18.08 times. 25 times steals is also his second poor data in the season La Liga. Although Messi's data does not look so good, the club and lock room still believe him.

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