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Messi Football Revenue First

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Recently, France Football magazine conducted a summary on the world football player earnings, Barcelona first card Messi beat Real Madrid star C Ronaldo, becoming the most profitable football player in 2014 year. Lionel Messi’s Barcelona teammate Neymar ranked three. Premiership is the richest league, although not in the contribution of players to the highest paid, there are three players on the top ten finalists.

According to statistics, the basic salary of Messi is 36 million euros, plus a bonus income 10 million euros, advertising revenue 28 million euros, total revenues of 65 million euros in 2014. It also made him elected the most profitable player in 2014 year.

Real Madrid star C Ronaldo ranked second in this list. The Portuguese received a total of 54 million euros in revenue in 2014, which was 27 million euros salary, 100 million euros bonus, while 26 million euros the endorsement fee. Came in third place is Barcelona Neymar. Brazil boy received 36.5 million euros in 2014, of which 20 million euros salary, 500,000 bonus, while 16 million euros endorsement fee.

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