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Messi Encounters the Most Eager Opponent

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Who is Messi the most eager opponent in Championship? Perhaps a lot of fans will grant that Real Madrid, but in the hearts of Messi, his dream is to make Scotland Celtic Champions League home game. He thinks that Celtic fans were able to match the two sides to provide the best European tournament atmosphere.

"I know as guests to Celtics’ home game is hard to get a good result. We all know there's tough competition, but each Barcelona player participant played passing games Celtic is hoping to go back there again. There has the world's best game atmosphere, everyone wants to experience that feeling again. "Messi said that.

It is worth mentioning that, the Celtics performance highlights in Scottish Premier League this season. Although missed a game, they are ahead of second place Aberdeen team in the league with five points. If nothing else, Kay Stewart will get the chance of qualifying for the Champions League. But the ability to reach the race and get the opportunity to play against Barcelona is still unknown.

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