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Messi Angered Hugo Mallo

The topic about the tactic of Messi's penalty is still fermenting. According to www.imfifa.co, in the game, Celta captain Hugo Mallo was very dissatisfied with Messi's behavior, he even intended to talk with Messi face to face.

In the game against Celta, Messi and Suarez completed a double penalty. Hugo Mallo was very angry, he thoughtMessi's behavior was a  humiliation to his team. Hugo Mallo then told Messi that he did not like his way. Thanks to the timely intervention of Pique and Alba, the situation did not deteriorate further. Fortunately, Aspas did not play in the game.

About Messi's double penalty, people have different opinions, and it indeed caused a lot of controversy. The former Real Madrid coach Ancelotti said that if they were in Italy, they might get into trouble, while Cruyff who once completed a similar penalty, his attitude is clear: Messi's move is not a lack of respect. How about you? By the way, click here for the cheapest FIFA coins.