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Matic Will Join Manchester United

Imfifa reported Juventus gave up the signing of Chelsea midfielder Matic, so Manchester United has no rival in the battle for the Serbian midfielder. Manchester United's progress is fast, and they are very close to the signing of Matic.

Matic's transfer fee will be 40 million pounds, and they also announced the photo is about to join Manchester United. Photo of the Matic wearing Manchester United training clothes, and the number is 31, this number originally belong to Schweinsteiger, but he has left the team to join the Chicago flame. Matic's number in Chelsea is No.21.

Last season, Matic and Kant were Chelsea main double waist, but with Chelsea signed Bakayoko from Monaco, they have Kant, Fabregas and Bakayo. The odds of the departure of Matic are greatly improved. Juventus and Inter Milan had expressed the interest to Matic, but Manchester United early hope to sign Matic, Manchester United beat Chelsea from Everton robbed Lukaku, Chelsea refused to put Matic to join Manchester United.

And imfifa the latest news that Matic has completed the physical examination to join Manchester United. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.