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Mascherano Will Bid Farewell to Barcelona

There are indications that Mascherano will bid farewell to Barcelona in the summer, and he will join Juventus. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 Coins.

According to imfifa news, Mascherano has reached an agreement with Juventus. He agreed to join Juventus this summer. Mascherano will sign three years with the team. His salary will be further enhanced. Now 31-year-old Mascherano is the fourth captain of Barcelona  this season, and he contributed a lot for Barcelona.

Imfifa said Barcelona club has no intention to sell the Argentina player. He is a very critical player in Enrique's array. In 2010, Mascherano joined Barcelona from Liverpool, at first he played as defensive midfielder, but Guardiola has transformed him into a defender. Mascherano also played well. He had played 281 games for Barca.