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Martial is Alone to Play in Man United

I like watching football rookie playing football. The introduction of Martial and Memphis Depay in the Manchester United. Martial is very powerful, but also did what he should do, but he rarely get support from team midfielders.

In Manchester United starting offensive foursome, Depay and Rooney scored the lowest points, although they have scored a goal. In fact, it is not that they played badly, but the combination of them in the team's tactical arrangements, status, salary, they should be better.

First come to Depay, breakthrough is good, basic off the hook on the left, but he is greedy! He passed over one or two on the left. He wants to do a third one. It is clealy that he wanted to score!

Next Rooney, he only know how to back pass. Is he now Manchester United's key player? The main attacking midfielder? This is not to mention with Ozil, Silva than in the AMC position, the Premier League nor the middle reaches of the team's playmaker is that the performance of it? There was nearly no direct contact with the Martial. You captain, What are you suggesting?

Now imfifa does not worry about Marchal individual capabilities, was quite worried about the squad atmosphere. Manchester United midfielder lacked of good cooperation, it is very unfavorable to Marchal.