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Marcos Llorente Sparked Interest of Many Teams

According to imfifa reported that in order to introduce Marcos Llorente, Paris Saint-Germain provided a 60 million euros' offer to Real Madrid. Llorente's outstanding performance in Ala Weis sparked interest of the European teams.

Real Madrid intends to bring Llorente back in the summer, but the player himself is worried about the return to Bernabeu, because he does not know whether Zidane will use him. In fact, it was Zinedine Zidane's took office, him lost opportunities to follow the Real Madrid team to participate in training.

He is one of the best young players in Spain and his potential is obvious to all. The normal situation should be that Lorente returns to Real Madrid, and to compete the main position. But he also saw that the survival of the members of the Real Madrid Youth Camp is very difficult. And when he was hesitant, Paris Saint-Germain provided a high offer.

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