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Marca Global Annual Salary Top 11

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Recently, the Spanish media broke the news that the French champions Paris St Germain prepare annual salary of €9,000,000 with a three-year contract to attract Alves joining. Such treatment may allow Brazilian to become the world's highest income fullback. But if 11 positions on the court are listed highest paid players, then who are the superstars been nominated on the highest salary TAG array? "Marca" revealed the answer.

Premier League known as the world's richest league, but only the Premier League Rooney and Yaya - Toure two are on the finalists that "Marca" named the world's highest annual salary of 11.

Messi's pre-tax salary is up to a staggering 36 million euros in annual salary, Argentine star being the world first. C Ronaldo's annual salary is the world's second, 27 million euros to be a lot lower than Messi.

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