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Manchester United won and Van Gaal get first win

2014/15 English Premier League season, the first four focus of a battle at Old Trafford Stadium, race, Manchester United at home 4-0 victory over Queens Park Rangers, Rooney, Mary and Herrera mass shooting meritorious deeds, MA tower icing on the cake. The new aid Falcao, Blinder and Rojo completed the first show, Van Gaal made ​​first win.

Manchester United get 12 wins, 3 draws nearly 15 times in the two sides clash unbeaten, Queen's Park last win was Manchester United's Old Trafford in 1992. The two sides clash in Premiership history 12 games, Manchester United 10 wins, 2 unbeaten.

This is history's first 52 games against the two sides, after Manchester United 32 wins, 13 draws and 6 losses prevail. Rojo and Blinder into the bench, new signings Falcao and Luke - Shaw into the bench, and Rafael Herrera comeback. Rio Ferdinand and starting to face former team before the game was Bobby - awarded commemorative medals Sir Bobby Charlton.

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