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Manchester United Signed Lukaku

Manchester United announced through the official website: they have reaced an agreement with Everton on the 24-year-old Belgian striker Lukaku's transfer. According to imfifa, this offer is 75 million pounds plus 15 million pounds of huge transfer fee. Lukaku will go to Manchester United for physical examination and personal contract negotiation, and then formally signs with Manchester United.

Last season, Lukaku scored 25 goals for Everton, won Premier League silver boots. At the end of the season, Lukaku refused Everton's renewal. Previously Chelsea was in the lead in the competition of Lukaku, but the situation sudden changed.

2013-14 season, he was leased to Everton by Chelsea. And he scored 16 goals in a single season. Over the past three seasons, he has scored 20 + goals in every season, becoming one of the Premier League's most outstanding strikers.

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