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Manchester United Midfielder Female Version

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Manchester United midfielder Herrera recently has been popular, while the Red Devils female fan will be popular on the web for his likeness. This female fan wearing jerseys is just like Herrera's twin sister.

Herrera scored twice to help Manchester United up the standings on the third position this round for Villa. And his five shots in Premiership are all goals, extraordinarily high efficiency. Manchester United fans affectionately called handsome Herrera as "Moe pull". And the Red Devils female fan of his likeness will be popular on the web.

A female fan named helina drying out a photo of the female version of Herrera and her: "My sister and Herrera are too much like. My God!!" Female version Herrera wearing a Manchester United shirt, either face or smile is like most of the Manchester United midfielder Red, being like his twin brother and sister.

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