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Manchester United Is Interested in C Ronaldo

Spanish national derby, Real Madrid 0-4 defeated to Barcelona at home. After the game, the contradiction between C Ronaldo and Benitez has also been reported. It is said C Ronaldo has told Real Madrid, if Benitez does not go, he will choose to leave.

The news about C Ronaldo will leave Real Madrid in next year has been touted recently. Paris St Germain and Manchester United have been pursuing C Ronaldo. Imfifa said he does not exclude to back to Manchester United. Emotionally speaking,  if he is back to Manchester United where he become famous is undoubtedly a good story.

Manchester United coach Louis van Gaal said publicly in an interview that they are interested in the introduction of C Ronaldo, this is undoubtedly very interesting. Van Gaal said C Ronaldo can play winger very fast, and very strong in scoring ability. They can not find the second such player in the world. Of course they will expect C Ronaldo to come back to Manchester United. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 16 coins.