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Manchester United Announced the Champions League List

Barcelona has announced the new Champions League list. Messi, Neymar, Suarez and other familiar players are all finalists. In addition, Degea, who did not join Real Madrid at the last moment before the transfer window closed was successfully nominated, new signing Marchal selected. Besides, due to the lack of midfield personnel, teenager Camara and Gumbau Garriga from team B were also named to the list of 24 team A.

According to iMfifa, where you can buy the fastest and cheapest FIFA 16 coins, Valdes, tranferred to reserve in the last season failed to qualify. And the two new major aid Turan and Bidart also failed. The four teenager Samper, Babinski, Grimaldo and Jose Suarez were then elected to the Champions League team B.

Candidates in team B were also from the academy, among which the most famous are Ernesto Samper, once played in the Champions League last season and the team B captain Grimaldo. In accordance with the provisions of UEFA, players in team B may be dispatched if players in team A have problems of injury or suspension.