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Manchester City Recieved a Good News

This weekend, Manchester City will against Liverpool. Before the game, Manchester City received a good news. Their main force Aguero will come back from injury. In an interview with Imfifa, Aguero made it clear that he wanted to fight at the matchwith Liverpool.

Aguero suffered a hamstring injury on October 9, since then, he was sidelined. Fortunately, over the last ten days is the national game day, this provides a good opportunity to Aguero. Until this week, Aguero has been completely recovered. He participated in joint training with whole Manchester City team.

This season, Aguero scored eight goals for Manchester City, and also contributed an assist, which was an outstanding perdormance. Now Manchester City will play against Liverpool, Aguero is back from injury, which for Manchester City is undoubtedly a great good news. More related news is on imfifa.co where you can buy FIFA 16 coins.