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MSN Combination Has Scored 103 Goals

In 2016 the remaining 2 months, the Barcelona striker line combination MSN has scored 103 goals together, in the game against Manchester City, they once again proved to the world that their power.

Messi, after an injury recovery, in the game against La Coruna back and quickly scored one goal. In the game against Manchester City, his starting lineup, and soon scored the MSN combination in 2016, the first 100 goals. After he continued to play, staged a hat-trick; although Neymar missed a penalty in the final, but immediately with a more wonderful personal performance scored.

Among the 103 goals, Suarez scored 42 goals, Messi scored 40 goals, and Neymar is the contribution of 21 goals. The big question now facing MSN is whether they can exceed the 137 goals they created in 2015. In the case of more than 2 months left, they are 35 points away from this figure. See Messi comeback after the efficiency of the MSN combination, everything is possible.

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