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Luneng is expected to take the crow

On March 17, shandong luneng's Brazilian striker Wagner - accepted interviews with FIFA lowe, lowe think posco is not invincible, may think luneng won the afc champions; Reiterated because luneng club with us to create the top Asian team ambition, think luneng's strength has large improvement, this season on luneng and Sao Paulo to create youth development plan; It is hard to return to Brazil.

Looking forward to the champions league game against posco, lowe said: "it is Asia's top teams, but their good record does not mean that this team now invincible, if we can keep good shape since this season, even if it is a great hope with them against."

Talk of afc champions shandong luneng, expect to be able to eventually won the lowe: "our team is really very difficult, in addition to posco, Osaka cherry blossoms in the south wing, and also is a strong opponent. However,we have maked perfct preparations , we all worked very hard in training and competition, and now also shows a strong overall strength. After the first two games, we to have a rapid development and ultimately won the intercontinental trophy is full of optimism."

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