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Lukaku Will Got a New Contract

According to imfifa reports, Lukaku will accept Everton new contract, becomimg the top salary the team. This season, Lukaku contributed 9 goals for Everton. Although there are rumors that he would leave Everton, he finally chose to stay at Goodison Park stadium.

Lukaku's current weekly salary is about 75,000 pounds and will end in July 2019. Imfifa news that Lukaku will contract with Everton with nearly 10 million pounds weekly salary. Lukaku's agent and the team  boss had a meeting. They are key figures for Lukaku this summer to stay in Everton.

In 2014, Lukaku joined Everton from Chelsea and signed a 5-year contract. Last season, he became the first Everton player scored 25 goals in the Premier League.

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