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Luka modric or compensate injured FIFA real Madrid millions of euros

Recently, in European championship qualifying match, away to a 1-1 draw against Italy, Croatia modric to real Madrid players were injured in the game, may be the time of the three to four weeks. Let the club real Madrid is a headache. But this is more than the "white legion" head, FIFA have to "pay" for this reason, in accordance with the relevant provisions, if modric miss club game for a long time, FIFA is expected to compensate for the real Madrid 1.6 million euros.

Real Madrid midfielder luka modric in November 16 euro qualifier in Croatia in a 1-1 draw against Italy injury, after the confirmation of a tendon in his left thigh, could be out for three to four months. According to FIFA and formulate the terms of the protection of the club, the players injured more than 28 days because of international games, FIFA have a duty to bear part of the player at the club a salary.

Therefore, according to "the magic flute" net annual salary of 4 million euros, assuming that he will be out for three months, a rough estimate, FIFA expected to compensate for the real Madrid up to 1.6 million euros. In addition to "the magic flute" of the "damage", real Madrid also recently received another award compensation from FIFA. Team in the Germany midfielder khedira in November last year back injury against Italy, a truce for five months, FIFA so compensated the real Madrid around 2 million euros.

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