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Louis van Gaal Can Always Be Saved

Recently fans from www.imfifa.co are all signing that Van Gaal's life is really too hard. Manchester United won over Liverpool at the decisive moment, which makes Van Gaal change danger into safety and keep his job. He seems to be a monster who can always survive.

Before the game, many people said coach Louis van Gaal was precarious. Last time, Manchester United had a draw with Newcastle. They were also not persuasive in the FA Cup when facing Football League One teams. Thay said that Van Gaal had not survived the crisis of being fired yet. If Manchester United lost the game against Liverpool, Van Gaal was likely to be fired ahead of time.

But at the moment of life and death, Van Gaal can always have a Happy Ending. This campaign, Manchester United was totally suppressed, particularly in the second half. If it had not been David de Gea's wonderful performance, Manchester city would have already lost.

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