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Loew and Deschamps Hide Terrorist Attack Information

During the friendly match between France and Germany, the terrorist attacks take place in Paris which causes death and injury. According to imfifa.co, a suicide bomber who wears explosive vests trys to enter the stadium, but he does not succeed to break into. Then the suicide bomber detonates the bomb outside the stadium.

French President Francois Hollande leaves the stadium after learning of the matter quickly, but Joachim Loew and Didier Deschamps hide this fact to playes, so the game can proceed smoothly. The players are still playing, the fans are cheering for the competition as usual. But reporters and officials are nervous collecting information throught the Internet. While Germany and France players learn the news after the end of the game, they watch the terrorist attacks on TV later.

The interviews and press conferences have been canceled after the game. As the logo of Germany team bus is too obvious, they do not leave the stadium that night for safety reasons. The Germany team takes a small bus straight to the airport to return to Germany the next day. Let's pay attention to the event and pray for Paris on imfifa.co where sell the cheapest FIFA coins.