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Liverpool Want to Buy Naby Keita

According to imfifa reported that Liverpool once again provided an offer to Leipzig midfielder Naby Keita, the offer reached 57 million pounds, but still rejected.

Leipzig insists that no matter what will be received this summer,they will not let go of Naby Keita, but Liverpool coach Klopp is very eager to get Keita, still hope to bring him to his team. Leipzig RB has issued a notice to the Liverpool club: this summer Keita will not be sold at any price, but apparently Liverpool still did not give up the pursuit of Keita.

Keita has had a willingness to move. In addition, since Klopp was extremely hoping to get Keita, he does not intended to find spare parts for Keita. Klopp said in an interview that the team's signings will continue until August 31, before this, the team will spare no effect to finish the signings.

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