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Liverpool Fans Leave Early

Jurgen Klopp's unbeaten records end in the game against Crystal Palace. Liverpool is beaten with the final scores 1 to 2. Some Liverpool fans leave early after Crystal Palace scores the second goal. Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp feels sad about the conduct of these fans.

In fact, this situation can be forgiven, because Liverpool's stadium is expanding now and the traffic nearby is very inconvenient. Some football fans live close, but some live far away. It is understandable for those fans who live in faraway places go home early. If they leave after the game, it will take a lot of time for it is raining on that day. While this conduct does not quite resemble the style of Liverpool fans.

Liverpool FC Anfield stadium has the best atmosphere in the Europe. However, Liverpool's status is not too good in recent years, maybe it not only affects the team's performance, but also diminish the positive attitude of Liverpool fans. If Liverpool wants to return to the peak, Klopp's performances will be very important. More related news and cheap FIFA 16 coins can be found on imfifa.co.