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Lionel messi in cap into Spanish football player at most

Damage, the atmosphere is harmonious, Barcelona are enjoying the best time of the season. West re-scheduled week 23 wheel, Barcelona, the only home 5-0 levante, messi scored a hat-trick and assists. For the first time since 2008, Barcelona have formal 11 wins in a row.  In la liga, real Madrid with 57 points ranked first, Barcelona by one point, followed by the loss of the defending champions atletico Madrid ranks third with 50 points, and valencia finished fourth with 47 points.

Barcelona coach enrique still like rotations, and midweek 3-1 win over villarreal, compared to the Spanish king's cup semi-final first leg eight rotation of National People's Congress, Barcelona continue to start only Lionel messi, omar and javier mascherano. For the bench combination MSN it was dismantled, suarez, pedro became one of the trident. Three is midfielder xavi, busquets and vidic, javier mascherano is a midfielder, one of it back to the central defender position.

Barcelona everyone participate in the attack, central defender barthes pull the 38th minute steals the ball after, messi to expand the score to 2-0. Defensive midfielder busquets 59 minutes pass, pedro volley mat cross road on the right, Lionel messi in the edge of the area needs to finish the net three players create scoring a total of three consecutive foot ball, mei pele scored a hat-trick, "this is his 34th hat-trick for both club and country, including in la liga with 23 hat-trick tied after the number one cause of cristiano ronaldo.

This is Lionel messi in Barcelona's 31 a hat-trick, tied legendary striker Sara, become a hat-trick in the history of Spanish football player at most. Macy's total score 269 la liga, continue to refresh his Spanish history record, Sarah 18 goal ahead than second.

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