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Lionel Mei xidan season scored 73 goals in 73

In professional football history, Germany gerd muller is regarded as the most efficient scorer, he created three scoring record, in a long time, is considered a record can never be broken. However, due to the emergence of Lionel messi, gerd muller's three big magic record, are all magical beyond. If you think about messi met today are much more defensive intensity than that of gerd muller's age, so you can realize more, Lionel messi is the greatest striker.

In recent 40 years, European five big league scoring record for a single season, is kept by gerd muller. 1971-1972 season, gerd muller helped win the bundesliga champions bayern Munich, he incredibly scoring 40 goals, as the best striker in the bundesliga this record, after 40 years, has been the European five big league season individual scoring record. A player more than just scored 25 goals can to secure the top scorer in the league, scoring 30 goals above, has been touted as a "magic" scored 35 goals in a more close to the mill is extremely rare.

2010-2011 season, cristiano ronaldo to real Madrid scored 40 goals messi scored 31 (the season), to match the mill's past record. 2011-2012 season, messi and cristiano ronaldo broke muller record, cristiano ronaldo scored 46, while messi mysteriously scored 50 goals, created a new magic record. 2012-2013 season, messi scored 46 goals again and almost broke his own record.

Annual total goals, it is to point to a year, a player at the club and national team goal combined. Keep a record of the this is raul before (71), now messi has scored 75 goals in the champions league. La liga and the champions league scoring record, Lionel messi will be constantly refreshed.

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