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Ligue 1 May Accept Barcelona

There are many bad news about FC Barcelona recently. Javier Mascherano was sent off the red card, Barcelona defender Gerard Pique was booed on the pitch by the fans. In this difficult period, the French Prime Minister Manuel Valls gives support to FC Barcelona.

He is willing to accept Barcelona in the French Football League. It seems that Manuel Valls is a loyal fan of Barcelona. He also publicly expresses his love for Barcelona.It is a good thing for French Football League that if Barcelona could join it. Because it can not only bring enormous benefits to Ligue 1 but also can expand its influence in the football world.

Now there are fewer people watching La Liga, the audience rating of National Derby is very low in the United States. Therefore, the Spanish football league is not able to have more development space in the future. And the operation of the French Football League is more normal than La Liga. If Barcelona can join Ligue 1, it will be a win-win for both sides. Of course, if Barcelona really joins the Ligue 1, Real Madrid will lose a strong opponent but these teams in Ligue 1 will face a good competitor. More related news and cheap FIFA coins can be found on http://www.imfifa.co/, welcome!