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Let me more optimistic self confidence to play football

Lewis, from two years old began to like to play with the ball, play football, like wearing a shirt running around at an early age. It's a matter with love football's father. Father is a super fans, father and son together to watch the game, often father a free life and teach him the football rules and skills.

At the age of two mother bought lewis first football, a little football, 5 free he kicked a few feet.After a period of time, mom and dad found lewis feet of flexibility is very good, as long as his feet a stick on football, immediately like changed a person, From an ignorant and some of the reserved and shy boy, become a happy little boy, chasing float in the sky of football on the grass running for joy, chasing a football on the grass flying to run. Five years old, their parents help lewis signed up for the football training of the school. Session soon to play in the first quarter, coach Sean he found his special: lewis extremely focused on the pitch, but in contact with the ball, his speed and the ability to control the bottom of your feet.

Professional here than the local football club, and is very strong, both in the quality of players or operation of the club lewis refreshing my father and mother, no doubt this is lewis football road opened the first door. Three months later, lewis was recommended to London the other premier league clubs have Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur, trained every Wednesday. Tottenham hotspur club is traditionally one of the most popular British football club, its hardware and software are very good. Lewis here again soon be promoted to senior group Don't and join the group game at the age of 7. Here let him learn more skills training and the training of the different, also let him more love football.

Football this circle is not big. During various sizes match every Sunday there will always be some scouts to each big club. The game is over, usually scout will's invitation to the little some potential players. Lewis of the attention of other clubs youth system. Since he was seven years old, began to receive some unexpected phone in the home, are some scouts from the club, inquiry on lewis's growth and future and invited him to join the club.

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