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Leicester City Is Falling Apart

Last season, Leicester City shocked the entire football world as a dark horse. However, in the summer, it may will meet the doom of being disintegrated. After Kante's leaving, the team is likely to lose the core Mahrez.

Kante was the steals and blocking King of last season. He was one of the main heroes for Leicester City's championship. But just at last weeked, he joined Chelsea with 32 million pounds. His leaving no doubt seriously weakened Leicester City's strength. But there is one more blow. Mahrez has refused the renew contract with Leicester City, which means he is likely to leave the club. As for his next stop, Mahrez has dreamed to join Barcelona to play with Messi.

This summer, if Mahrez also leaves the team like Kante, Leicester City can be said to be falling apart. After all, Mahrez, Vardy and Kante were the three key players for Leicester City last season. However, Vardy had already renewed with Leicester City. How does he feel now? Will he feel like being betrayed?

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