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Kun Tried to Stop Messi from Quitting

Now, everyone is talking about Messi retiring from the Argentina national team. Is the decision just a spur of the moment, or being planed earlier?

Messi has been trying his best, but the team has lost in the final four times, which makes Messi can not stand it anymore. In this regard, many people can not help but doubt: Is Messi really quitting the national team?

In the eyes of many people, it is too hasty for Messi, such a big star, to announce the decision in a mix interview without any signs. Will he change his idea? Or is it just an impulse after losing the game? When losing the 2014 World Cup final and the 2015 Copa America final, he might have had the idea of quitting, but his teammates around discouraged him from that. This time, the event seems to be much more serious than before, although Kun tried to stop him, too.

An insider confirmed that the quiting news was basically true. Clearly, Messi's farewell to Albiceleste has become a hard fact. He will not play for the Argentine national team, whether friendly or official matches. So sad! Maybe you need cheap FIFA Coins from imfifa to cheer you up.