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Kolarov May Leave Manchester City

Recently, imfifa exposed Manchester City main left defender Kolarov is about to leave. More information is on imfifa.co where you can buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins.

In 2010, Manchester City signed only 24 years old Lazio left back. Kolarov attacks excellent and he has a strong free kick ability, which also let him once become Manchester City's starting left back, until Manchester City signed Clichy, to a certain extent weakened the status of Kolarov in the team, Kolarov gradually lost the starting position.

Last season, Guardiola became Manchester City's new coach. At the beginning of the season, Kolarov moved to the central defender position, and he did not let Guardiola disappointedly.

30-year-old Kolarov in Guardiola hands won a new life. However, the professional football is so cruel, Guardiola's tactical system for the two wings of the request is very high, the age has been high Kolarov is no longer the first choice for Guardiola!