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Kaka advises Brazilian football learn from European football

Brazilian star kaka, a 32-year-old said the Brazilian football has stopped, he thinks this is because they in five World Cup champion already very satisfied, they always think they are the best. In addition, he also said to Chile the copa America with Brazil in 2015. As members of the 2002 World Cup champion Brazil, kaka was not called up for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, in the end hosts 1:7 defeat to Germany's defeat.

In October 2014, kaka has been the new Brazil coach deng aggravating the squad, this is his first time since March 2013 in Brazil. Kaka said, with his experience, he can help this Brazil team coached by dunga." I think I can help. Now I always love to talk about short-term goals, such as for Brazil in some friendly and next year's copa America. I can help Brazil to complete the new and old alternate.

Kaka said, Brazilian football should learn modestly to European football." In Europe, a Spanish team would like England or Italy team play, the team's head coach can also communicate with each other. But we are not the team and other South American countries similar interaction, we always think that, in the past we have been on your own won many honors, we still see it that way. Now the idea need to be changed, our manager should have more communication with other South American coach".

Once won the world footballer of the year kaka from AC milan in January 2014, joined the major league soccer's Orlando city, and then return to Sao Paulo, in the form of a loan for his brasileiro his parent club for five months. Kaka will be on display at the football in the United States in 2015.

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