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Kaka And Neymar

According to the news from the well-known sports media "goal", Kaka in an interview said even broke Romario and Zico 11 ball's goal scoring record in their World Cup qualifier, Neymar will surpass himself later.

Due to an injury of kudiniao, Kaka replaced the core of the Red Army and was selected to prepare for the Brazil to fight with Chile and Venezuela. Kaka scored 10 goals in World Cup Qualifier while Romario and Zico scored 11 goals. Therefore, Kaka is expected to break the record of two people in the next two games.

Kaka said: “If I then scored another two goals, I will beyond the other Brazilian players, a Brazilian with most goals in World Cup Qualifier. Now the level of this Brazil is very high, with many outstanding players. From the beginning of the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, I have the opportunity to break the record, I realized that I can achieve this success, but I don't know how long does it take to. I'll break the record with another two goals, but Neymar will break the record sooner or later."

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