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Juventus Team Youth Substitute Help French Teenager lore England

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In the game France U21 team beat 3-2 and England U21 team, Juventus teenager Koeman scored the winning goal. In this morning's friendlies, Coleman only 18 years old is on the bench, but after his debut in the second half, scored the decisive goal.

In this goals war, Tottenham striker Kane scored twice to help England U21 early two goals ahead, but also in the Arsenal Sanogo scored twice before halftime to tie the game. Only the age slightly less coming off the bench played 25 minutes, but his goal to help the home team win the game. And this is the first defeat of England U21 team in the past year. This England team is young military rivals in Italy in June 2015 European Championship, after they've won 11 in a row.

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