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Juventus Not Afraid of Bayern

It's the the winter break for Serie A so Juventus can also be trimmed in this period of time. Now they only fall behind 3 points from the top Inter and also get into the top 16 in the Champions League. But they will meet Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga giant. According to www.imfifa.co, Juventus will never swing bus even face a strong enemy.

In the face of strong Bayern, most teams will choose to swing bus, but Allegri said Juventus would not do it. It will be a very entertaining game, and they have to prepare for the semi-finals. The performance is very important in the European war. Last season they entered the final and then Juventus' international visibility has improved. For them, the League match is very important and they must win. They want to ensure to enter the last 16 of the Champions League every year.

After being fired by AC Milan, Allegri  had gone to London to watch the games because there are 12 teams in the city and they speak in English. At last, if you want to get cheap FIFA 16 coins, please click here. Welcome! There are still 3 days left for the 5% code imfifacom.