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Juventus Four Players Recover

Juventus and Bayern Munich will eccounter each other in the Champions League next week. But before that, Juventus has suffered some injuries, especially the defense Chiellini, Bonucci, who have a huge impact. But according to www.imfifa.co, several injured players will be back in time before the game against Bayern Munich.

February 9, Juventus announced that Chiellini would rest for 20 days because of the right leg tricep injury. Previously, Mandzukic and Asamoah were also injured after the game against Inter. In addition, Bonucci, Caceres, Khedira were all injured before the game against Bayern Munich.

But recently, a number of wounded has already begun training with the team. They are expected to catch up with the game. First, Bonucci, he was injured  but not serious. After resting, it seems to be no problem to play against Bayern.

Mandzukic and Chiellini are still in the recovery phase, but they are expected to recover next week. Sandro's injury was thought to be very serious, but it comes out that he will be out for only about 10 days, enough time to come back before the Champions League. By the way, click here for cheap FIFA coins.