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Juve Did not Disgrace Italian Football

After the game that Juve failed on the road to Benfica by one to two, the Juventus boss Conte, the scoring winner Tevez and the wide lord Bianconeri also had confidence and optimistic attitude with team promotion.

Conte concluded:“we are very disappointed with the final score, because that does not reveal our real level and ability. We are in tthe state until a long time with the result that Benfica got the advantage first. But in the second half, we still controlled the situation. However, when Benfica scored the other goal, we seem like that we are sleeping. ”

Speaking of this match, “although we losed this time, but we are still full of confidence. After all, it is not easy to fight against Benfia on the road. We always maintained high intensity and rhythm, but the attack of the rival is strong, too. The game itself is very wonderful, we didn’t disgrace the Italian team. It remains unknowing who will advance the finals. When we are at home, we will do our best in fans’ cheer.”

"What is important is that we have hope to come to the finals not scoring a goal. We played well and can controll game rhythm.It is a pity that we did not catch scoring chances. If we want to have promotion, we must take advantage of the next ninety minutes. Then we totally have chance to come to the finals." Tevez said.

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